Tap into the microbial world.

Complex microbial relationships contain the secrets of unimaginably innovative products. Concerto discovers them.
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Join forces to develop the best microbial products.

In partnership with Concerto, combine complementary capabilities to develop transformative microbial, prebiotic, or postbiotic products.
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Unmatched experimental rigor applied to microbial product discovery.

With the kChip discovery engine, Concerto constructs millions of miniature, defined microbial communities simultaneously. We analyze the behavior of every community to learn which microbes, nutrients, and/or metabolites drive the functions required for the best product candidates.
The kChip Discovery Engine
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Reinventing humanity’s relationship with microbes.

In partnership with a diverse array of biotech and biopharma companies, Concerto aims to unleash a new era of microbial research and a treasure trove of microbe-based products.

Harness microbial ecology with Concerto to develop new, transformative products. 

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Microbes, like humans, are stronger together than they ever could be alone.
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