Collaborate to Discover

We want every microbial product that should exist to exist.

The possibilities are endless, but Concerto is just one company in the ecosystem. We are seeking collaborations with companies that have complementary expertise and a shared interest in developing breakthrough microbe-based products.
What We Do
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Measure it all

We analyze the behavior of millions of miniature, defined microbial communities.

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Understand how it works

We transform our massive datasets into knowledge of the underlying ecological network of microbes, nutrients, and metabolites that drive desirable functions.

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Find the best product

We pinpoint the optimal microbes, prebiotics, and postbiotics as product candidates by exhaustively ranking every option.

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How We Partner

Companies are stronger together.

Harnessing the complexity of microbial ecology to develop new, high-impact products is hard. Concerto's discovery engine dramatically lowers barriers to success by directly and rapidly measuring the function of millions of microbial communities. We’re actively seeking partnerships for co-discovery as well as to accelerate the path to market for our current assets.
Concerto Partnership Process
Concerto Partnership Process

Microbes are omnipresent. We can solve problems anywhere that microbes grow.

Skin Care

Skin microbiome deficiencies underlying dermatitis, pruritus, acne, dandruff, athlete’s foot, and more

Women’s Health

Vaginal microbiome deficiencies underlying yeast infection, bacterial vaginosis, and more

Agriculture & Sustainability

Disease-free crops, increased harvest, carbon sequestration, bioremediation

Oral & Gut Health

Oral and gut microbiome deficiencies underlying digestive, metabolic, cardiovascular, periodontal, and neurological disease

Animal Health

Dogs and horses have microbiomes too

Built Environment

Healthy surfaces, fabric care, mold prevention—no sanitizers necessary
Product Portfolio

Our partnership-driven portfolio of microbe-based products addresses a diversity of challenges.

We’re seeking co-discovery partners to expand our pipeline and co-development partners to accelerate advancement of our internally discovered product candidates.
Concerto Product Pipeline
Concerto Product Pipeline
Concerto Product Pipeline

Harness microbial ecology with Concerto to develop new, transformative products. 

Partner With Us

Microbes, like humans, are stronger together than they ever could be alone.
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